Social Dimensions of Development

Social Dimensions of Development

Development still tends to be measured on economic standards which often leaves the important social factors in the margin. Social development emphasises the need for equality in the terms of access to services as well as in the inclusion to decision-making. All development activities have social dimensions that should be taken into account in the planning and implementation, otherwise those in the marginalised positions are the ones to suffer most. Social dimensions incorporate these crucial considerations of the rights-based approach characterising the current development thinking.

My expertise in social dimensions of development

My expertise lies in gender issues, the status of marginalised groups in an hierarchical society, particularly the tribals, disabled people, women and the poor. I have assessed and monitored the social dimensions of micro-credits and savings groups, small-scale infrastructure projects, integrated rural and community development as well as water & sanitation projects. In addition, I have gathered experience in the preparation and implementation of village development plans together with the target group.

My references in social dimensions of development

Terra Consulting Ltd. (Thua Thien Hue Rural Development Programme), Hue, Vietnam

+ Monitoring and evaluation of the social dimensions of the integrated rural development programme in Vietnam.

AWO International, Berlin, Germany

+ Social dimensions of self-help-groups, micro-credits and community development projects in India and Nepal.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Unit for Asia and Oceania, Helsinki, Finland

+ Social dimensions of water and sanitation, environmental and civil society organisations' projects in Nepal.

Student Union of University of Helsinki (HYY), Finland; Kenya

+ Evaluation development project (Green Belt Movement) aiming at poverty reduction in the rural areas and slums of Kenya through environmental and civic education as well as strengthening the civil organisations.

+ Evaluation of a development project which goal was to alleviate the poverty in the Indian Himalayas through empowerment of women and adolescent girls.

Initiative NGO-Ideas, organised by 15 German and 30 Indian NGOs, funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany and India

+ Impact monitoring of all dimensions of micro-finance projects implemented by NGOs.


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